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In November of 2008, MCR Global Inc. launched the first patent pended consumer-driven electronic personal health record system of its kind. This patent-pended invention utilizes digital technology devices and a private, secure, non-commercial web based server to register online to initiate and update a personal health record (PHR). The PHR is then downloaded on a custom designed unique digital device (s). The PHR system integrates an interoperable On Demand Crisis Response Transmittal Service™ during a personal medical emergency or disaster event. Each digital device are preloaded with an abundance of self-help wellness, prevention and evidence-based practice resources, toolkits and links all designed to promote empowerment and to sustain a healthy lifestyle. There are optional features embedded in each device.

MCR Global Inc. provides personal health record vital medical information management and emergency transmittal services anywhere anytime when you or your loved ones are involved in a medical emergency or disaster. Our patent pended award-winning digital transmittal technology is consumer driven to meet your unique needs. For example, you may choose to maintain your electronic personal health record (PHR) online and download your updated information onto your remote digital device or have our professional staff maintain your record from our secure password protected web-based server. The On Demand Crisis Response Transmittal Service™ (CRTS) combined with a remote digital device puts one in control during these most vulnerable events.

My e-PHR card™ allows you to enter then download your vital medical information from the private, secure web server at your convenience on your remote digital device at anytime. You are empowered when using this personal health record during routine or specialty medical office visits. The digital device transforms into a crisis record card during a personal medical emergency or disaster event anywhere.

My Crisis Capsule™ allows our professional staff or your designated person, either a caregiver and/or legal guardian to maintain and update your vital medical record on the secure web server. Your vital medical information remains on the server ready to be securely transmitted to a verified first responder during a personal medical emergency or disaster anywhere anytime.

The standard features include: an abundance of self-help wellness/prevention and health promotion content, emergency preparedness kits and resources, wellness planning guides, links to governmental health and prevention resources and immunization guidelines. An on line personal health information center offers members additional self-help resources in addition to those pre loaded in each device.

The content seeks to promote and teach methods to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle. For example, caregivers can learn techniques to reduce stress reactions and relaxation methods and other ways to sustain wellness. Also, a seamless referral to a certified wellness coach is an optional feature available in both devices for those wellness-seeking consumers.

An optional feature includes a seamless referral to a certified wellness coach for wellness-seeking consumers.

The inventor, a licensed social worker has worked more than 30 years helping people in personal crisis situations. These experiences inspired his creation using digital technology to empower health care consumers as they navigate through a daunting health care system especially during a personal medical emergency or disaster event.

Having all of your vital medical information managed by you or by our professional staff in one secure place makes good sense and is the smart thing to do. Having this critical information transmitted anywhere anytime to first responders during a personal medical emergency or disaster is revolutionary.

Caregiver and/or care manager can update your vital medical information with your consent directly into your password protected web server at anytime. Such vital information may include: allergies to foods, new health conditions, over-the-counter or herbal medications you are taking, a recently referred doctor or an added emergency contact.

During a routine or specialty office visit a doctor or office staff can add information to the device then at anytime you can update your information on the private and secure web site. Our patent pended CRTS™ sends your interoperable vital medical information directly to the first responder or treating physician unfamiliar with your medical condition(s) anytime anywhere. Your vital information may include an advance directive giving first responders the ability to understand your predetermined wishes and consent when critical life decisions need to be made

Your confidential, secure, and safe web server helps you manage your crisis record and is a convenient way to prepare for an emergency or simply to keep your vital medical information—like doctor or hospital visits, allergies, shots, or a list of your medicines—in one place. YOU WILL save time, money, and improve the quality of care you and your family members deserve to get. You may reduce delays, duplicate diagnostic test, out-of-pocket expenses, omissions and medical errors. Your unique user ID and password on our privately-held web server has no third-party affiliates or interest to ensure your crisis record is keep safe using the highest security standards and privacy protection in the industry

The e-PHR card symbolizes a national trend in health care to apply digital technology to improve access to medical records and empower health care consumers with control over their personal vital medical information especially during the most vulnerable event, a personal medical emergency or disaster.

My Crisis Capsule™ serves the same purpose but stands alone as the only multi- functional digital device designed primarily for special needs populations and their caregivers during a personal medical emergency or disaster.

Our guiding principles of empowerment and consumer-driven services inspired us to design each device and service to empower you during your most vulnerable life event a personal medical emergency. Unlike other electronic PHR’s our digital devices transform to a wellness resource with an abundance of self-help educational information on wellness and prevention. The inventor is a licensed social worker with over 30 years of experience helping people help themselves through behavioral change knowing that people can develop and sustain ways to prevent illness and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Our devices include other proactive features such as, an advance directive, an emergency preparedness kit and a crisis plan that provides first responders the ability with your predetermined consent when critical life decisions need to be made.

With your permission your physician, caregiver, private nurse and health coach can update your PHR into your private secure password protected web based server at anytime. This feature ensures your records are up-to-date when transmitted during an emergency. Such vital information may include: allergies to food new health conditions over-the-counter or herbal medications you are taking, a recently referred doctor or an added emergency contact.

The abundance of helpful information includes things that matter too many people with existing medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. Caregivers, for example, can seek additional information by a simply download from the on line personal health information center.

You are empowered and control what information you want on record. Since you will have a unique user ID and password, only you will be able to view your record. Our secure site is privately-held with no third-party affiliates or interest guaranteed to protect and keep your information safe using the highest security standards and privacy protection. Our PHR system enhances one’s ability to effectively communicate their medical conditions and needs with physicians unfamiliar with their medical profile. Individuals now have a safe, convenient and simple way to guarantee health professionals, first responders and caregivers have instant access to their up-to-date personal health information.

Our members have peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones with our products and programs that keep designated individuals informed of emergencies. A proven timesaver and lifesaver our service focus on lowering medical expenses and improving personal healthcare.

Our goal is to improve our member’s health and well being with an array of products, services and programs reasonably priced package of valuable benefits available via direct purchase or as an employee benefit through businesses, municipalities and universities. In 2008, MCR Global Inc. was awarded a scholarship from the National Organization for Disabilities, sponsored by Homeland Security Journal to help further develop its base operations in Wisconsin and expand on a national basis.


We do not and cannot offer individualized medical advice. No part of this website should be construed as or used as a substitute for individualized consultation and management, as given by a licensed physician.

We believe that regular review and screening by your physician is an essential part of maintaining optimum health.

A member seeking medical attention with a new doctor can immediately provide a summary of their important health details to the doctor.

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